Peach Cobbler Detox Fruit Tea

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This is not your ordinary detox tea. This is a innovative Detox  introduced by  Slim Tight Waist,  its  beyond exceptional and ingenious our owner had to patent her ideal.  

Peach Cobbler Detox Tea is tastefully pleasing so you will look  forward to detoxing. 14 individual bags are packaged in One pouch contains a 14 day supply of flavor fruit detox tea with dried fruit. Each individual package  contains dried fruit with honey. We have created a tasteful way to enjoy your favorite fruit  with a hint of honey and fruit flavor. 

Our variety fruit tea supports your gut  while cleansing your digestive track. Our detox system will remove waste by increasing the natural elimination process. Our tea reduces inflammation and supports your immune system. 

When you drink SlimTightWaist Flavored Detox Tea combined with our superior waist training garments you will achieve your waistline goals much faster.  Our detox fruit teas  reduces bloating that  guarantees to get much faster and noticeable results!! 

You've tried the rest, now do yourself a favor and try the best Fruit Flavor Detox Tea created, patented and introduced  by @SlimTightWaist

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Tea Ships after May 12, 2020