The MIA Peek A Booty - Pre-SALE / Ships After May 20, 2020

The MIA Peek A Booty - Pre-SALE / Ships After May 20, 2020

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PRE-SALE only! Ships after May 20, 2020

15% off for Pre-Purchase & pay no sales tax 

1. Lifts butt

2. Shrinks thighs 

3. Reduces waistline (can combine with a Mia Single Cinch for faster results. 

***  Discount is for Pre-Sale. Garment ships after May 10, 2020

We here @Slimtightwaist stay on the cutting-edge of bringing our Goddesses the newest, the most innovative and the most superior quality products!

Our CEO has done it again with our new Mia Peek-A-Booty Body enhancer support garment!!!
This sexy, sensuous #Slimtightwaist product is extremely unique because it is one of the only 3 in 1 Body enhancers  on the market!! It lifts and projects the buttocks while simultaneously shrinking and slimming the thighs giving you that sexy ass thigh gap (like Queen Bey) that will have the NINJAS going absolutely wild!!!

What are you waiting for

PRE-SALE ONLY save 15% today and pay no sales tax! 

Yours truly,