The Mia Single Cinch  Waist w/Hook-n-Eye Zipper Closure

The Mia Single Cinch Waist w/Hook-n-Eye Zipper Closure

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The Mia Single Cinch Waist 

This Garment is our number 1 Seller for ALL sizes

Ms Mia Monroe didn't come to play when she designed this baby!  When properly fitted to your body type you will see immediate results with a more defined waistline. Our Mia Single Cinch Waist  features Hook-N- Eye closure with zipper. This combination allows the garment to fit snug with maximum compression without discomfort.   The single cinch is just as effective as Our Mia Double Cinch Action, this  design was initially created  for  short torsos. However if your a woman on the go and keep busy on your toes at work this design is perfect to wear beneath loose fitting clothes, scrubs, etc. This design allows extended wear with out discomfort. 

When you love how you look and feel it motivates you to wear the product. This garment stimulates thermal activity, literally increasing the body’s natural heat process. This increases perspiration in your target areas where you’re trying to slim down- which will enhance and increase your workout without the extra effort. The Single Cinch Waist is recommended for exercising and can be worn while sleeping and under clothing to  maximize its potential. We do not recommend sleeping in the same garment you use regular to work out, It ideal to have 2 garments, one for regular exercising and one for sleeping and wearing beneath clothing.

Waist training is the practice of wearing a corset style  cincher for 4 or more hours to shape and train your waistline. The ultimate goal of wearing a waist trainer is to highlight your curves whilst decreasing the size of your natural waist. Waist training garments works best when you active, exercise or on the go with daily activities. The garment will increase heat, promote sweating, reshape and define your waistline. We suggest being consistent to achieve maximum results.